Thursday, 24 April 2014

simply eat. lunch // mexican bean, cheese and salad wraps

I LOVE tortilla wraps, they are possibly the most versatile 'bread-like' product out there, just think of the possibilities! Quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas... Plus if you open a pack, have a few and then think you won't use the rest this week, just pop them in the freezer, they defrost in seconds and are good to go another day!

This filling idea came about because my mum and I love a very similar version you can buy from M&S, so last week after using half a can of mixed beans for another meal we decided to create our own version...

Ingredients (for 1 wrap)
  • Flour (or corn) tortilla wrap
  • 1tsp Sour Cream / Mayo (or 1/4 an avocado would be a healthier replacement)
  • 1tbsp Grated Cheese
  • 2tbsp Mixed Beans in Spicy Tomato Sauce (majority of the sauce drained off through a colander)
  • 1tsp Salsa
  • Large handful of salad leaves

  • Layer it all up, roll and apply to face! (I 'layered' in the same order as listed above...)
And as much as I enjoy the shop bought version this is obviously SO much cheaper to make, especially for a group/family and it was just as tasty and satisfying! (sorry M&S...) Plus the beans are a great source of Protein for all you veggies out there, or for anyone trying to cut back on their daily meat consumption.


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