Saturday, 29 March 2014

simply eat. baking // Mary Berrys' devonshire scones

With tomorrow being Mothers Day I thought this fab scone recipe from queen of baking Mary Berry, would be an ideal treat to make for mums everywhere (who doesn't love a scone!) and they are so simple it's ridiculous.

I will not tell you what I did because I did exactly as Mary instructed, apart from adding in a few chopped cranberries in at the end...I love cranberries. I also used a square, yes square, fluted cutter for my scones which I think makes them a a little more fancy...

Follow the recipe HERE, do it exactly as she says and you will end up with perfect scones. It is a super simple recipe, she uses the food processor rather than all that finger flapping stuff and they take no time at all. In fact by the time I had popped them in the oven and cleaned up they were ready!

Oh and you can freeze if like me you are a 2 person household and 10 scones is just too much in one sitting then once they are baked and cooled pop them in a sealed bag and freeze. Simply defrost and (to quote Mary) 'refresh in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes.'

These really are the ultimate scone and perfect for breakfast or part of an afternoon tea. In fact they were so nice I just ate one on it's own fresh out of the oven, no butter, jam, anything...just with a cup of tea. Bliss...


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