Monday, 16 June 2014

simply eat. tried and tested // pineapple with mint sugar

Image from Jamie Oliver

All I can say about this recipe is really is one of those amazing flavour combos and makes you wonder why you have never had it before! It's so fresh and zingy, incredibly simple and makes a great crowd pleasing dessert that you can prepare in advance, perfect for summer parties...

I actually didn't make this myself but had it when visiting my Dad yesterday, hence the photo borrow from the Jamie Oliver site! His other half had made it as shes a foodie too...we had a wonderful dinner of roast chicken and a variety of gorgeous salads so this just it topped off! 

So if that gushing review has made your mouth water then head on over HERE to get the recipe, plus I think this could easily work with other fruit,  melon and mango in particular...enjoy!x


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